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Systems and methods for accumulating and displaying information items obtained via a computer network. A user having access to the Internet is provided, via a web site, with a plurality of selectable expert topics. Each expert topic comprises one or more network computer accessible sources of information. The user enters a user search request, selects one of the expert topics, and enters update schedule information. The user search request, a selected expert topic, and update schedule information is stored at a server site. In accordance with the update schedule information, the user search request is provided to the information sources in the selected expert topic. Raw search results from the information sources are received, stored, and processed to eliminate dead links and duplicate items. The processed raw search results are stored as search results comprising a plurality of stored search items. A predetermined subset of the stored search items is selected and communicated to the user.

Systems and methods for continuously accumulating research information via a computer network
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6594654 (B1)
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March 3, 2000
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July 15, 2003
Derek W Ziglar
2740 Fontainebleau Dr., Atlanta
Aly A Salam
3330 Valley Vista Rd., Smyrna
Needle & Rosenberg P C
G06F 17/30
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