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The present invention provides a system of head and spine protection conceptually different from, and superior to, the traditional free-floating helmet concept, for use in high impact physical activities, such as such as football, hockey, lacrosse, motorcycling, downhill skiing, bobsledding/luge, cycling, snowmobiling, race car driving, factory/construction activities, firefighting, skydiving, and training/battlefield activities by the military and law enforcement officers. The head dome and connection system provides a clear or tinted, impact-proof, projectile-proof bubble over the head and neck, which is secured firmly to the wearer's shoulders and torso via a connection system of straps to a harness, or to the waistline/upper thighs. The head is protected from impact against the inside of the dome by a cushioned cap, secured in place with a chin strap. The head dome can contain, in various embodiments, climate controlling features, solution-treated surfaces to prevent visual obfuscation from fog/ice/water beads, heat resistant construction for firefighting applications, radio/digital communication options, and a self-contained breathing apparatus. The head dome and connection system thus keeps the entire face, head, neck and cervical/upper thoracic portion of the spine free from the injurious impacts from exterior forces, objects and projectiles, while preserving the wearer's freedom of head movement, unobstructed vision, enhanced communication options, and comfort. Inside the head dome, the wearer's head and neck movement and interaction with his or her surroundings are virtually as unimpeded as if there were no head protection whatsoever.

Head dome and strap connection system
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6588022 (B1)
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May 9, 2000
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July 8, 2003
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