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In the method, each transmitting endpoint separates its traffic to be transmitted into distinct queues. The packet at the head of one queue is transmitted, and no other packet is transmitted until a transmit complete signal (TCS) is generated. When a packet is received without error and accepted by a destination endpoint, the destination endpoint returns an acknowledgment indicating successful reception. The TCS is generated at the transmitting endpoint when the receiver acknowledgment should have been received. When the TCS is processed by the transmitting endpoint, if a receiver acknowledgment has been received, the packet previously sent is removed from the head of its queue. Otherwise, the packet is left at the head of its queue, the queue is placed in a “pending retry” state, and a timer is started. When the timer expires, queues are moved out of the “pending retry” state, enabling their packets to be transmitted again.

Error-correcting communication method for transmitting data packets in a network communication system
Application Number
Publication Number
6574770 (B1)
Application Date
June 29, 2000
Publication Date
June 3, 2003
Douglas Streeter Daudelin
Lincoln Park
Lucent Technologies
H03M 13/00
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