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An Internet-based video feed management system controls, manages, and efficiently administers the commercial distribution of live video feeds from on-site video cameras as well as other sources of video feeds to production companies at other locations. The system employs a network of local video-propagation servers located in different localities for receiving the video feeds from the different source locations, and a master authorization server for receiving and granting requests via Internet from requesting parties for access to any of the video feeds transmitted to the video-propagation servers. The master server issues an access code to the requesting party and establishing a unique publishing point for the requested video feed from the video-propagation server handling the feed. The on-site video cameras can supply live video feeds to the requesting parties, or the video feeds can be transmitted to a video-propagation server for storage and later re-transmission. The master server is provided with a master feed list and a pricing table for computing billings to requesting parties, and payments to sources of video feeds. The master feed list is updated by feed listings input to the video-propagation servers. For live video feeds captured by different types of video cameras at the on-site locations, the system allows a requesting party to access the video camera for remote control on the Internet. An universal control panel GUI is provided for the browser of the requesting party, and is used to issue command codes corresponding to the respective video camera type. The system can be used to automatically generate video Web pages hosted on the master server and linked to the clients' Web sites. The master server allows the client to select from different display templates, and to upload their identification graphics for incorporation into the display template with the desired video feed, thereby obtaining a marked reduction in production costs for creating video Web pages for e-commerce, live events programming, etc.

System and method for sending live video on the internet
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6564380 (B1)
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January 24, 2000
Publication Date
May 13, 2003
Greg Murphy
Leighton K Chong
Pixelworld Networks
H04N 7/173
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