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A random access pointcast video delivery system provides the capability for a viewer to select a video advertisement. The video advertisement is automatically customized responsive to the application of the viewer's video content preferences to a video segment map defining a plurality of video segments. The viewer is compensated for the verified apparent viewing of the selected advertisement independently of the purchase of the advertised product or service. Where the advertisement is associated with a credit, the viewing of the advertisement subsidizes the viewer's receipt of other video and communication services. Where a viewing of a video results in a purchase, a deposit in the purchase is automatically escrowed until after the buyer has received satisfactory delivery of the purchase.

Advertisement subsidized video-on-demand system
Application Number
Publication Number
6553178 (B2)
Application Date
September 8, 1994
Publication Date
April 22, 2003
Max Abecassis
19020 NE. 20 Ave., Miami
H04N 5/91
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