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A system and method for providing automatic and continuous selection of user-preferred data streams based on predefined parameters. In one aspect of the present invention, a client/server system comprises: a sever comprising an address list including addresses of a plurality of data sources; and a client comprising a list of user preferences; means for accessing the server to obtain the address list; means for accessing at least a first data source of the plurality of data sources on the address list to obtain descriptive information; evaluation means for evaluating the descriptive information and the user preferences to select at least a second data source of the plurality of data sources based on the evaluation; and means for accessing the second data source. In one exemplary embodiment of the present invention as applied to Internet radio stations, a user would be allowed to listen only to songs from his list of favorites. In another exemplary embodiment as applied to Internet sporting events, a user can hear the most exciting parts of one or more current sporting events. In another exemplary embodiment as applied to industrial process monitoring, a remote user could ensure that he would always see any data stream that had anomalous readings.

System and method for automatic selection of internet data streams
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6546421 (B1)
Application Date
June 30, 1999
Publication Date
April 8, 2003
Brent Baxter
Michael Wynblatt
Pleasant Hill
Siemens Corporate Research
G06F 15/173
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