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An electrosurgical working end and method for transecting an anatomic structure along a targeted line and for creating a thermal welds along either of both transected tissue margins, for example for use in a partial lung resection procedure. The working end provides elongate curved or linear guide-track members that can be positioned on opposing sides of the targeted anatomic structure. The working end carries a slidable member with interior channels that receive the guide-track members. The extension member can be moved from a proximal position to an advanced distal position by advancing over the guide-track members. As the extension member advances over the guide-track members (i) the tracks compress the tissue just ahead of the advancing extension member to allow the laterally-outward portion of the extension member to ramp over the tissue, (ii) while contemporaneously a cutting element at the distal end of the extension member transects the tissue. By this means, the transected tissue margins are captured under high compression by working end components on either side of the tissue margin. The working end carries a bi-polar electrode arrangement that engages the just-transected medial tissue layers as well as surface layers to provides Rf current flow for tissue welding purposes that is described as a medial-to-surface bi-polar approach. The system can be used to transect ands seal tissue in a linear or curved line about an anatomic structure such as lung, liver or other bundles of tissue.

Electrosurgical working end for transecting and sealing tissue
Application Number
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6533784 (B2)
Application Date
February 24, 2001
Publication Date
March 18, 2003
John H Shadduck
1490 Vistazo West, Tiburon
Csaba Truckai
19566 Arden Ct., Saratoga
A61B 18/18
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