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The present invention provides a durable, reliable, and ergonomic computing system that is highly customizable and ungradable. Product flexibility and ease of customization is provided by the ability to employ a wide range of peripherals and accessories. In one embodiment, a docking unit is provided that provides additional functionality and flexibility. Flexibility is further enhanced by a CPU upgrade path as well as easily ungradable main system memory and hard disk drive. In one embodiment, a T-shaped main logic board (MLB) is provided as is a method of positioning or arranging the internal components of a portable computer by employing the same. In this manner, the size and number of components that may be housed internally within the computer are greater than would be possible with a conventional generally rectangular main logic board. In another aspect, the present invention relates to a shock mounting system for a portable computer having a flat panel display, comprising a shock absorbing member encasing the perimeter of the flat panel display and a metal, e.g., magnesium alloy, frame mounted within the interior compartment retaining the shock absorbing member. In a related embodiment, the metal frame forms at least a portion of the peripheral walls housing the computer.

Ruggedized hand held computer
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6532152 (B1)
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April 13, 2000
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March 11, 2003
Steven R Kunert
Cedar Rapids
Ryan R White
Intermec IP
G02F 1/1343
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