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A dowel insertion tool includes a T-shaped handle and a hollow sleeve which extends distally from the T-shaped handle. A shaft extends from the handle through the hollow sleeve and includes a transverse extension. A rotatable knob having an annular channel positioned to receive the transverse extension is supported adjacent the handle. A pin is secured to the knob and extends into a helical camming channel formed in the sleeve. Upon rotation of the knob, the pin moves within the camming channel to move the knob longitudinally about the sleeve. Movement of the knob effects longitudinal movement of the shaft. A support plate is secured to the distal end of the shaft. A pair of prongs are slidably secured to the plate. Each of the prongs includes an enlarged head portion which is slidably positioned within a slot formed in the plate. A guide member is secured to the distal end of the sleeve. The guide member includes a pair of guide bores dimensioned to receive a distal end of the prongs. The guide bores direct the prongs outwardly from the distal end of the hollow sleeve at an angle to the longitudinal axis of the sleeve. The prongs are dimensioned to be received in bores formed in the trailing end of a cervical dowel. Because the prongs engage the dowel at an angle, the dowel is both rotatably and longitudinally fixed to the insertion tool.

Cervical dowel and insertion tool
Application Number
Publication Number
6527773 (B1)
Application Date
October 10, 2000
Publication Date
March 4, 2003
Jo Wen Lin
Titon Falls
Ching Yi Lin
Fort Lee
Dilworth & Barrese
A61B 17/56
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