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An automobile personal computer system is provided. A user of the system may wirelessly interact with merchants, communications facilities, information providers, computers at the home or office, and other entities. Such interactions may involve local wireless links and remote wireless links. Wireless communications may involve satellite transmissions, cellular transmissions, short-range wireless transmissions, etc. Products may be purchased using voice commands or by interacting with displays in the automobile. The automobile's location and functions may be monitored and controlled. Location information and other information particular to the user may be used to target promotions to the user. The user may obtain information on the goods or services available at a merchant while driving and may initiate a purchase transaction for those goods or services.

Automobile personal computer systems
Application Number
Publication Number
6526335 (B1)
Application Date
January 24, 2000
Publication Date
February 25, 2003
Susan M Treyz
37 Vanderburgh Ave., Larchmont
G Victor Treyz
37 Vanderburgh Ave., Larchmont
G06F 7/00
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