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A display apparatus, a portable information processing apparatus, an information recording medium, and an electronic apparatus that can be easily applied to an apparatus of which the size of a display screen is smaller and by which plural types of information can be visually grasped without unnecessary operations to be performed and functions corresponding to icons can be easily understood. The display apparatus of the present invention comprises a display to combine a time axis with a background screen to be three-dimensionally displayed and to display the combined screen on a display screen, a width of the time axis changing to be wider as it approaches a past time and changing to be narrower as it approaches the future. The display apparatus also comprises a storage section to store background screen data used to display the background screen and time-axis display data used to display the time axis. The display apparatus further comprises a controlling section to display-control so as to combine the time axis with the background screen in accordance with the background screen data and the time-axis display data.

Display apparatus, portable information processing apparatus, information recording medium, and electronic apparatus
Application Number
Publication Number
6522347 (B1)
Application Date
January 18, 2000
Publication Date
February 18, 2003
Hiroaki Sakai
Keisuke Tsuji
Seiko Epson Corporation
G09G 5/00
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