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A system notifies a first user of a mobile communication device about status of other users in a mobile communications system. The system sends a signal from the mobile communication device to a service node in the mobile communications system. At the service node, a list is determined indicating other users that the first user wants to know the status of. The status of each of the other users on the list is then determined, and transmitted from the service node to the mobile communication device. The signal from the mobile communication device to the service node may be generated in response to the mobile communication device being powered on, and may itself include an indication that the mobile communication device has been powered on. Upon receipt of this indication, the service node may determine other lists in which the first user is listed, determine a corresponding other user for each of the other lists, and send a notification to each of the corresponding other users indicating that the first user has gone on-line. Users of communication devices may thereby be informed of updated status of other users they are interested in. Other types of status include indications of going off-line, present location, and whether a given user is associated with voicemail and/or e-mail services. The service node may be a home location register.

On-line notification in a mobile communications system
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6512930 (B2)
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December 30, 1997
Publication Date
January 28, 2003
Per Arne Sandegren
Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson
H04B 7/00
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