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An electrosurgical medical device and technique for creating thermal welds in the transected margin of engaged tissue. The working end of the invention carries a bi-polar electrode arrangement that provides a novel type of Rf current flow for tissue welding described as an subfascial-to-fascial (or medial-to-surface) bi-polar approach. The working end of the device carries an openable and closable jaw assembly with paired first and second jaws for engaging tissue. The paired jaws have an axial channel for receiving a sliding (blade) member for transecting the captured tissue. The paired jaws carry electrode surfaces having a common polarity so that Rf current will not flow directly between the jaws which engage the surface or fascial tissue layers. The transecting member, when fully extended after transecting the captured tissue, carries an elongate electrode of an opposing polarity that engages the medial or subfascial layers of the tissue. Thus, bi-polar current is directed to flow from the transecting member electrode that engages medial tissue layers to both jaws that engage opposing surface tissue layers to create effective current densities in the medial tissue layers, even when transecting thick tissue volumes or vessels with thick non-uniform fascial layers.

Electrosurgical systems and techniques for sealing tissue
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6500176 (B1)
Application Date
October 23, 2000
Publication Date
December 31, 2002
John H Shadduck
1490 Vistazo West, Tiburon
Csaba Truckai
19566 Arden Ct., Saratoga
A61B 18/18
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