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A computerized engineering database feedback system provides special processing instructions for processing materials in a production process, and provides historical information related to the materials processed according to the special processing instructions. The system includes a request entry device through which requesting personnel may input special processing information indicating a way to process the materials differently from a normal way of processing of the materials. An instruction processing device receives the special processing information and generates the special-processing instructions based thereon. A process station device receives the special-processing instructions, and presents the special-processing instructions to material-processing personnel. The process station device also provides for inputting material information from the material-processing personnel, where the material information indicates one or more characteristics of the material processed according to the special-processing instructions. The system also includes a relational database in which the special processing information and the material information are compiled and related. An information retrieval device accesses the relational database, searches the relational database for material information related to special processing information, or searches the relational database for special processing information related to material information. Using the system, an engineer who wishes to have a lot of material processed in a special way for an engineering experiment may provide process operators with special-processing instructions. The system also allows the process operators to input information and test data related to the material that is processed according to the special instructions. Further, the system makes the results of the engineering experiment readily available to the company community in the relational database. By accessing the database, company engineers may view the results of previously-conducted experiments, and may thereby avoid wasting company resources by unnecessarily repeating the same experiments.

Engineering database feedback system
Application Number
Publication Number
6499001 (B1)
Application Date
June 20, 2000
Publication Date
December 24, 2002
Theodore O Meyer
Luedeka Neely & Graham P C
LSI Logic Corporation
G06F 19/00
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