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Hybrid wind turbine apparatus includes a pair of counter rotating rotors having micro thrusters fitted at tip of each blade of the rotors. An upright mast supports bearings underlying and rotatably supporting a hub assembly having tandemly mounted dual alternators. A first set of rotor is mounted on the windward alternator shaft, while the second rotor is mounted on the downwind rotor shaft. A heat exchanger having a centrifugal fan is provided to circulate ambient air to cool alternator. The hot air is directed to the combustion chamber of the thruster by means of an air duct in the blades. Natural gas or liquid fuel is also conveyed from a stationary platform to a rotating frame by means of a rotary fluid coupler. When wind speed is low, fuel will be injected into the combustion chamber and burned with large mass of air. The hot gas is expanded in an exist nozzle to provide thrust to assist wind power. Thus, the hybrid wind turbine system can become beneficial without the need for an auxiliary system during low wind season.

Jet assisted hybrid wind turbine system
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6492743 (B1)
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June 28, 2001
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December 10, 2002
Kari Appa
22242 Anthony Dr., Lake Forest
F03D 9/00
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