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A stabilizing assembly includes a fastener having an upper end and a lower end, a head at the upper end, and at least one anchoring element extending between the upper and lower ends. The head includes a center, an underside including a first radial surface and a top side including a second radial surface. The first radial surface of the head defines a first radius from the center of the head and the second radial surface defines a second radius from the center of the head, the first radius being greater than the second radius. The assembly also includes a coupling element having an upper end and a lower end, the coupling element including a rod receiving opening extending from the upper end thereof being adapted to receive a stabilizing rod, a bore extending through the lower end of the coupling element for receiving the fastener, and a conical-shaped seat adjacent the lower end of the coupling element adapted to engage the first radial surface of the head when the fastener is positioned in the bore. A locking element associated with the coupling element is adapted to apply a force upon a stabilizing rod positioned in the rod receiving opening. As a force is applied to a stabilizing rod, the rod in turn, engages the second radial surface at the top side of the head for forcing the underside of the head against the conical-shaped seat of the coupling element so as to prevent further pivotal and rotational movement of the fastener and the coupling element relative to one another. In certain embodiments, the fastener may be a screw fastener having screw threads. In other embodiments, the fastener may include a hook.

Pedicle screw assembly
Application Number
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6488681 (B2)
Application Date
January 5, 2001
Publication Date
December 3, 2002
William J Kelly
Yves Crozet
Greg Martin
New York
Lerner David Littenberg Krumholz & Mentlik
Stryker Spine
A61B 17/86
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