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A fibrin injection mechanism for use in combination with an anastomosing and stapling attachment for an electromechanical device driver comprises a cylindrical dispensing chamber adjacent the cylindrical blade of the attachment and containing a sac filled with fibrin, a plurality of channels extending within the blade communicating between the dispensing chamber and the cutting edge of the blade, such that when the turning drive shaft is activated, the staple driver of the attachment moves forward to push a plurality of staples through corresponding staple ports and against the anvil of the attachment to pass through and staple together the target tissue, while the blade driver of the attachment moves forward to cut the unwanted residual tissue (post stapling), while a plunger (delivery) driver moves forward through the dispensing chamber to compress the sac to its break point, releasing the fluid medication into the dispensing chamber, and eventually pushing the medication though the channels to deliver the fibrin to the cutting edge of the blade and thus to the site of the newly stapled target tissue to accelerate the healing process.

Fluid delivery device for use with anastomosing resecting and stapling instruments
Application Number
Publication Number
6488197 (B1)
Application Date
February 22, 2000
Publication Date
December 3, 2002
Michael P Whitman
New Hope
Kenyon & Kenyon
Power Medical Interventions
A61B 17/04
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