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This invention relates generally to an extruded metal rectangular electrical connector housing making a novel electrical connector module configuration having a plurality of contacts. The rectangular connector has a plurality of contacts, with each contact being enclosed in a metal shield along the contact length. The assembly has a rectangular metallic housing that contains a plurality of contact channels through which the contacts are inserted. The contacts are insulated by a coating positioned on the inside of the housing. The contacts are connected to an intermediate printed circuit board. The housing assemblies are stackable because of their shape. The invention also includes a hybrid electrical-optical connector that employs VCSEL technology, so that both electrical and optical connections can be accommodated in the same connector.

Electrical-optical hybrid connector
Application Number
Publication Number
6478625 (B2)
Application Date
July 5, 2001
Publication Date
November 12, 2002
Robert H Wittemeyer
118 James Ave., Burlington
Bernard R Tolmie
204 Brand Farm Dr., So. Burlington
H01R 13/648
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