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A focusable imaging laser otoscope for performing laser surgery without the need for anesthesia, The apparatus includes a housing, an end member movably disposed within the housing, an imaging device attached to the housing for producing an image of a target area, an illuminating system attached to the housing for illuminating the target area, a speculum having a longitudinal axis and detachably attached to the end member, an optical system attached to the housing and having a main optical axis coaxial with the longitudinal axis of the speculum, for directing a surgical and/or an aiming laser beam from a laser source through the housing and the speculum to strike the target area and for directing image forming light rays to project an image of the target area onto the imaging device such that when the image of the target area is focused, the surgical laser beam and/or aiming laser beam are also focused on the target area, and a focusing assembly attached to the housing and to the end member for adjustably moving the end member and the speculum relative to the housing to focus the image of the target area. The otoscope may also be constructed without a focusing assembly, in which case the speculum may be detachably attached to the housing and the focusing is achieved by selecting an appropriate speculum from an available plurality of specula. The otoscope may also include a sensor system for indicating penetration of the target area. The sensor system may also automatically shut off the surgical laser after penetration of the target area.

Apparatus and method as preparation for performing a myringotomy in a child's ear without the need for anaesthesia
Application Number
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6475138 (B1)
Application Date
April 24, 1998
Publication Date
November 5, 2002
Michael Slatkine
Giries Kadis
Martin David Abraham
Hod Hasharon
Yossi Schechter
Eitan Pearl Latzer & Cohen Zedek
A61B 1/22
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