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Animal manure is removed from a bedding material consisting of compacted and compressed pelletized sawdust particles or granules of relatively uniform size by a pellet fork specifically designed to enable the pellets or particles to sift through the tines of the fork while retaining all but the tiniest particles of manure atop the tines for disposal. The pellet fork is uniquely and specifically designed to provide an improved sifting function not previously possible with other bedding materials except when using a mechanized sifter, resulting in substantial material and labor cost savings, longer life and easier maintenance of bedding, reduction of cleaning time per stall, improved cleanliness of stalls and attendant improved health of the animals. The volume of waste and bedding removed from a horse stall during cleaning may reduce a manure pile as much as 70% compared to conventional use of straw.

Pelletized animal bedding and process and tool for sifting manure therefrom
Application Number
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6474267 (B1)
Application Date
August 9, 2001
Publication Date
November 5, 2002
Danny L Padgett
3815 Tipp-Cowlesville Rd., Tipp City
William Weigl
A01K 1/015
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