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Disclosed is a coaxial type signal line that solves problems associated with signal interference and the connection of signal lines that are generated in a radio frequency (RF) electrical system. A method for manufacturing the coaxial type signal line includes the steps of forming a groove on a substrate, forming a first ground line on a surface of the groove and a plain surface of the substrate, forming a first dielectric layer including dielectric material on the first ground line formed on the surface of the groove, forming a signal line on the first dielectric layer the signal line for transmitting signals, forming a second dielectric layer including dielectric material on the signal line and the first dielectric layer, and forming a second ground line on the first ground line and the second dielectric layer. Since the signal line in the signal line structure according to the present invention is electrically shielded by the first and second ground lines, interference between the signal line and other signal lines on the semiconductor substrate can be prevented, and accordingly, the signal lines may be designed compactly on a semiconductor substrate and the system size can be reduced.

Coaxial type signal line and manufacturing method thereof
Application Number
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6466112 (B1)
Application Date
December 27, 1999
Publication Date
October 15, 2002
In Ho Jeong
Young Se Kwon
Fish & Richardson P C
Dynamic Solutions International
H01P 3/06
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