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A mobile communications system for permitting the communications of a mobile unit in proximity to a communications service having priority over the communications of the mobile unit. An interference zone is formed around the priority communications site such that if the mobile unit were to transmit in the frequency band of the priority system, interference would be created with the operation of the priority receiver. In order to eliminate interference with the priority system by the mobile unit, a proximity detector determines if the mobile unit is located in the interference zone. Once the determination has been made that the mobile unit is located in the interference zone, the mobile unit alters its transmission to eliminate the interference of the mobile unit with the priority service. Interference may be eliminated, or in other terms, the interference zone may be altered, by ceasing the operation of the mobile unit, changing the operating frequency of the mobile unit, reducing the transmitting power of the mobile unit or by other means well known to those in the art.

System for mobile communications in coexistence with communication systems having priority
Application Number
Publication Number
6449461 (B1)
Application Date
July 15, 1996
Publication Date
September 10, 2002
David De Sales Otten
Redondo Beach
Drummond & Duckworth
Celsat America
H04B 1/10
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