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A display controller system for use with a selectively adjustable exercise apparatus is disclosed. The hiking display controller system comprises a display device, a controller, and a selectively adjustable exercise device. The controller enables adjustments in the exercise apparatus according to a mountain exercise profile having trail workout segments that are digitally coded to enable the selectively adjustable exercise device. The mountain exercise profile may use topographical maps, GPS coordinates, or portable hike monitors to design the actual exercise program. A mountain exercise profile may also be obtained through an external interface located in the controller. The user can develop a virtual trail. These preprogrammed trail workouts are created by a trail workout designer who identifies the density of the trails and digitally codes the necessary adjustments for a specific exercise device. Once the mountain exercise profile has been selected, a motivational display panel provides segment length, vertical distance traveled, upcoming grade changes and total length traveled in one identifiable display panel. As such the disclosed method for selective adjustment of an exercise apparatus allows a user to enjoy the advantages of a natural hike according to the constraints of modern society.

System and method for selective adjustment of exercise apparatus
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6447424 (B1)
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February 2, 2000
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September 10, 2002
Kirk Lorrigan
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