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An improved helmet constructed with a rigid shell having a soft outer covering which absorbs impacts and disperses energy thereby protecting the wearer of the helmet, as well as protecting the impacting object. When used for contact sports such as football, this covering is effective in preventing injuries resulting when the helmet is used as a striking object. The covering may be applied in segmented pieces or as a continuous layer around the shell which forms a solid frame-like structure. A method of helmet construction formed from injecting polyurthane into a top vented split mold having a polycarbonate shell positioned within the mold wherein the process sandwiches the shell therebetween to provide an internal and external protective cushion. A face mask can also be covered with soft, durable covering and be mounted in such a manner to allow the covering to act as a shock absorber against sliding of the mask due to external forces.

Sports helmet
Application Number
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6446270 (B1)
Application Date
December 19, 1997
Publication Date
September 10, 2002
Nicole Durr
1491 N. Ocean Blvd., Palm Beach
McHale & Slavin
A42B 3/00
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