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The present invention relates to an improved casting process of mass producing complete lightweight cementitious house walls. More specifically, the invention relates to the manner in which thin cementitious skins are separately cast on either face of the wall against a sub-assembly of thick panels of insulation material shaped and located in a manner to control the movement of displaced cementitious fluid so that the exposed top and bottom chords of small vertical structural trusses, sandwiched between these the panels of insulation and other perimeter reinforcing members are encased with the least amount of cementitious material. The size and strength of each wall component can be varied to achieve the specific characteristics of the wall. Smooth or textured faces in the casting beds reproduce whatever profiles are of required on the finished walls. Accurate window and door openings are cast in such a manner as to eliminate the need for trim. These completed wall panels enable the rapid assembly of many houses, with factory controlled quality and cost controls.

Method of assembling lightweight sandwich wall panel
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6438923 (B2)
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May 21, 1999
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August 27, 2002
John F Miller
47-169 B Hui Akepa Pl., Kaneohe
E04C 2/288
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