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A controllable vortex generator for reducing aerodynamic drag when vortex generation is not desired. The vortex generator includes a fin having a fixed forward portion and an aft portion which is movable between deflected and undeflected positions. At least a portion of the fin is formed of a memory shape alloy. The fin is attached to a base mountable to a surface such as the wing skin of an aircraft. An electrical resistance heating element is bonded to the fin and a controllable source of electric power is connected to the element. When the fin is heated by the element to a temperature equal to or greater than the transformation temperature of the alloy, the movable portion of the fin will move from a deflected position to an undeflected position, thereby reducing drag caused by the vortex generator.

Controllable vortex generator
Application Number
Publication Number
6427948 (B1)
Application Date
October 30, 2000
Publication Date
August 6, 2002
Michael Campbell
9744 15th Ave. Northwest, Seattle
Richardson & Folise
B64C 23/06
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