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A system for providing an accurate prediction of a signal-to-interference noise ratio is described. The system includes a first circuit for receiving a signal transmitted across a channel via an external transmitter. A second circuit generates a sequence of estimates of signal-to-interference noise ratio based on the received signal. A third circuit determines a relationship between elements of the sequence of estimates. A fourth circuit employs the relationship to provide a signal-to-interference noise ratio prediction for a subsequently received signal. In the illustrative embodiment, the inventive system further includes a circuit for generating a data rate request message based on the signal-to-noise ratio prediction. A special transmitter transmits the data rate request message to the external transmitter. In the specific embodiment, the relationship between elements of the sequence of estimates is based on an average of the elements of the sequence of estimates. The third circuit includes a bank of filters for computing the average. The bank of filters includes finite impulse response filters. Coefficients of the transfer functions associated with each filter in the bank of filters are tailored for different fading environments. The different fading environments include different Rayleigh fading environments, one environment associated with a rapidly moving system, a second environment associated with a slow moving system, and a third system associated with a system moving at a medium velocity. A selection circuit is connected to each of the filter banks and selects an output from one of the filters in the filter bank. The selected output is associated with a filter having a transfer function most suitable to a current fading environment.

System and method for accurately predicting signal to interference and noise ratio to improve communications system performance
Application Number
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6426971 (B1)
Application Date
September 13, 1999
Publication Date
July 30, 2002
Nagabhushana T Sindhushayna
San Diego
Peter J Black
San Diego
Qiang Wu
San Diego
Byron Yafuso
Kent D Baker
Philip Wadsworth
QUALCOMM Incorporated
H04B 17/00
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