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A retractable side wing assembly, adapted to be mounted on a side of a road vehicle for clearing snow off the same, includes a scraper having a frontward end pivotally secured to the side of the vehicle and a rearwardly and outwardly extending free end, a retracting member having a first end rotatably secured to a carriage of a shock absorbing device and a second end rotatably secured to the side of the vehicle rearwardly of the scraper, and a fixed part of the shock absorbing device rigidly secured to the scraper in proximity of the frontward end. The shock absorbing device that could also be retrofitted as a kit on an existing side wing assembly includes an absorber member rigidly secured to both the fixed part and the carriage sliding therealong, and allowing for automatic rearward deflection of the scraper pivoting around the frontward end from its standard position to a deflected position when hitting an obstacle. The assembly may also include a hydraulic ram pushing the carriage toward the fixed part whenever activated by an operator, and a resilient roller member freely rotatably mounted on a generally vertical shaft rigidly supported by brackets secured to the free end of the scraper and slightly extending out of the same to take lateral hit instead of the free end from lateral vertical obstacles.

Retractable side wing assembly
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6412200 (B1)
Application Date
February 1, 2001
Publication Date
July 2, 2002
Normand Savard
1097 rue Normandie, Baie-Comeau QBC
E01H 5/06
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