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A surgical stapler assembly for joining a tubular prosthesis to an organic duct such as a blood vessel or artery is disclosed. The assembly has a handle and a set of interchangeable heads attachable to a distal end of the handle. Each head has a staple holder housing a plurality of radially arrayed staples, a plurality of anvils disposed concentrically opposite said staples and an annular gap between the staples and the anvils for receiving the prosthesis and an end of the organic duct. The annular gap of each head in the set has a different median diameter for use with prostheses and organic ducts of different diameters. Hammers are provided to eject the staples through the prosthesis and organic duct in the annular gap and onto the anvils. The heads can be replaceably attachable to the distal end of the handle. The annular gap can be enlarged to facilitate insertion and removal of the organic duct into and from the annular gap prior to and following ejection of the staples. The interchangeable heads can come with a pre-mounted tubular prosthesis having an inside diameter approximating an inside diameter of the annular gap.

Surgical stapler assembly with interchangeable heads
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6402008 (B1)
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April 20, 2000
Publication Date
June 11, 2002
Deborah A Lucas
5623 Dairybrook Cove, Sugar Land
Lundeen & Arismendi
Daniel N Lundeen
A61B 17/068
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