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A switching DC-to-DC converter having at least one power channel including an inductor and a controller which generates at least one power switch control signal for at least one power switch of each power channel. The converter is configured to operate in a continuous mode when the inductor current remains above zero, to enter a discontinuous pulse skipping mode of operation when the inductor current falls to zero (which occurs when the load current is below a threshold value), and to leave the discontinuous pulse skipping mode and resume continuous mode operation when the inductor current rises above zero. The main difference between the continuous and discontinuous pulse skipping modes is that in the continuous mode, a power switch has a duty cycle determined by a feedback signal indicative of the converter's output potential V


(so that the duty cycle is independent of the current drawn from the converter by the load), and in the discontinuous pulse skipping mode the power switch has a duty cycle which is the longer of a minimum duty cycle and a discontinuous (non-pulse-skipping) mode duty cycle. The discontinuous pulse skipping mode is more efficient than the continuous mode under conditions of low load current. Preferably, the controller includes cycle-skipping circuitry operable in the discontinuous pulse skipping mode and optionally also the continuous mode to cause the power switch to remain off for at least one cycle under the condition that the converter's output potential rises above a threshold. Preferably, the cycle-skipping circuitry includes a comparator which compares an error amplifier output (indicative of the converter output potential) with a threshold potential, and logic circuitry (e.g., an AND gate coupled to the comparator output) which asserts a latch-clearing signal once per switching cycle when the comparator output indicates that the converter's output has risen above the threshold. Other aspects of the invention are a switching controller for use in such a converter and a method for generating power switch control signals for such a converter in a discontinuous pulse skipping mode of operation.

Switching DC-to-DC converter with discontinuous pulse skipping and continuous operating modes without external sense resistor
Application Number
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6396252 (B1)
Application Date
December 14, 2000
Publication Date
May 28, 2002
Hidehiko Suzuki
Barry James Culpepper
Girard & Equitz
National Semiconductor Corporation
G05F 1/56
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