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A surface engaging implement having a surface penetrating member, a depth regulation member, a pressure sensor, a processor, and a variable controllable downpressure source is disclosed. The pressure sensor is disposed to detect loads upon the depth regulation member and to communicate load information to the processor. Through the processor, the controllable downpressure source may dynamically alter the pressure applied through the depth control structure to cause a desired excess downpressure and prevent an undesirably large or small amount of downpressure upon the depth regulation member. In this manner, a generally desired amount of excess downpressure may be dynamically maintained to maintain the ground penetrating member at a generally desired penetration depth.

Dynamic controller of excess downpressure for surface engaging implement
Application Number
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6389999 (B1)
Application Date
November 2, 2001
Publication Date
May 21, 2002
Dennis Duello
5939 27th Ave., Vinton
Douglas J Stilwell
A01C 15/00
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