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A Medical Waste Segregation Apparatus and Method for segregating medical waste at the point of disposal within a medical facility in preparation for further segregated disposal outside the facility. The medical waste device is divided in half by a vertical plane extending through the mid point thereof and with color coding; i.e., one half red and one half neutral, for easy recognition by busy medical staff to deposit red medical waste in the red sector at the point of generation of such waste, whereby cost savings are available for recyclable general waste in the form of cost avoidance as well as seeking to eliminate commingling of general waste inadvertently with medical waste, to achieve decreased disposal cost and increased opportunity for cost avoidance.

Medical waste segregation apparatus with moveable floor
Application Number
Publication Number
6386386 (B1)
Application Date
October 16, 2001
Publication Date
May 14, 2002
Scott A George
82 St. John St., Hyannis
Thomas A Kahrl Esq
B65D 43/26
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