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An implant device provides context switching, meaning the ability to change one set of operational parameters for another. The implant device is controlled by a set of operational parameters. The patient may swap the current set of operational parameters with another set of operational parameters. Further, the implant device may include a time-of-day clock, and/or a sensor, and is configured to automatically change its operational parameters from one set of operational parameters to another at certain times of the day, week, or month, or upon the occurrence of certain prescribed events. In one embodiment, the patient may define selected operational parameters within a new set of operational parameters for use with the implant device, providing such patient-defined parameters remain within set limits. The ability to change the current operational parameter set (OPS) is achieved, in a first embodiment, by including memory circuitry within the implant device wherein a plurality of OPS's are stored. Upon receipt of an appropriate command, manually provided by the patient user through a hand-help programmer, or automatically generated by time-of-day or sensor circuits within the implant device, the current OPS is exchanged by another OPS. In a second embodiment, a plurality of OPS's are externally stored, e.g., in a hand-held programming device, and only the currently-used OPS is stored in the implant device. Changes to the OPS are made by transmitting the replacement OPS to the implant device through a telemetry link established with the implant device from the hand-held programming device. When the patient wishes to change the OPS, he manually activates the appropriate controls on the hand-held programming device, and such activation causes the new OPS to be telemetered to the implant device, where it replaces the current OPS.

Parameter context switching for an implanted device
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6381496 (B1)
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September 25, 2000
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April 30, 2002
Carla M Mann
Los Angeles
Paul M Meadows
La Crescenta
Bryant R Cold
Advanced Bionics Corporation
A61N 1/08
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