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The present invention discloses a method whereby the separate protocols: session initiation protocol SIP, resource reservation protocol RSVP, common open policy service COPS, and open settlement protocol OSP are used together to setup, maintain, and teardown Internet communications having an acceptable QoS. This process is accomplished by dynamically establishing RSVP policy based on SIP telephony requests to provide IP communications with QoS across the Internet. The QoS policy is installed in network elements at the request of the network elements. The network elements receive a RSVP PATH or RESV request and queries the policy server; the policy server queries a Local database about ID and services for the user and a clearinghouse server (if available) or a policy server in a corresponding network; upon positive acknowledgment from the local database and/or the clearinghouse server, the policy server confirms policy in network elements to accept RSVP PATH and RESV requests for the particular reserved data flow to the SIP client. In this manner, the called telephone will not ring until policy has been provisioned in the network elements and resources have been reserved end-to-end to ensure an acceptable level of QoS.

Method for providing IP telephony with QoS using end-to-end RSVP signaling
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6366577 (B1)
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June 2, 2000
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April 2, 2002
Steven R Donovan
MCI WorldCom
H04L 12/66
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