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A volar fixation system includes a T-shaped plate intended to be positioned against the volar side of the radial bone, a plurality of bone screws for securing the plate along an non-fractured portion of the radial bone, and a plurality of bone pegs which extend from the plate and into bone fragments of a Colles' fracture. The plate is a T-shaped plate including a plurality of screw holes and a plurality of threaded peg holes. According to a first preferred aspect of the invention, the peg holes are preferably linearly or parabolically arranged and provided such that the holes are positioned increasingly distal in a medial to lateral direction along the second side. According to a second preferred aspect, axes through the holes are oblique relative to each other and preferably angled relative to each other in two dimensions. The system includes a guide plate which temporarily sits on top of the volar plate and includes holes oriented according to the axes of the peg holes for guiding a drill into the bone fragments at the required orientation. The volar plate is positioned against the radius and screws are inserted through the screw holes to secure the volar plate to the radius. The bone fragments are aligned, and the guide plate assists in drilling pilot hole. The pegs are inserted through the peg holes and into the drilled holes in the bone. The volar system thereby secures the bone fragments in proper orientation.

Volar fixation system
Application Number
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6364882 (B1)
Application Date
March 13, 2000
Publication Date
April 2, 2002
Jorge L Orbay
Thomas A Gallagher
David S Jacobson
David P Gordon
Hand Innovations
A61B 17/80
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