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An air conditioning or heating refrigerator assembly, preferably for use in institutional kitchens. The refrigerator assembly includes a refrigerator unit having a cooling/heating coil subassembly mounted thereon, a blower subassembly mounted thereon downstream of said cooling/heating coil subassembly, and an air discharge chamber mounted on the top thereof. The cooling/heating coil and blower subassemblies are in air transport communication with each other, the blower subassembly being adapted to draw ambient air into the cooling coil subassembly and into contact with the cooling/heating coil, and to blow the cooled or heated air through an air discharge chamber into the atmosphere adjacent the refrigerator. In the air conditioning mode, the cooling/heating coils of the cooling coil subassembly are in communication with a condenser which supplies liquid refrigerant to the coils and condenses refrigerant vaporized in the coils.

Air conditioning or heating refrigerator assembly
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6347526 (B1)
Application Date
September 22, 2000
Publication Date
February 19, 2002
Ricky G Ledbetter
2841 Alameda St., Medford
Robert E Howard
F25D 15/00
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