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A redemption voucher program having systems and processes for use in a credit card system. The following steps are carried about by the systems and processes and include, but are not limited to, identifying an account issued by an account issuer, generating a redemption voucher identifier corresponding to the account identifier and producing a redemption voucher including the redemption voucher identifier, distributing the redemption voucher to an account owner, and, at a merchant facility, receiving a redemption voucher from the account owner during a transaction having a specified value. Thereafter, such systems and processes take care of transmitting the redemption voucher identifier and the specified value from the merchant facility to an account number clearing authority for clearing against the account. Next, at the account issuer, the systems take care of receiving a request to authorize the redemption voucher during the transaction, identifying the account corresponding to the redemption voucher identifier, authorizing the redemption voucher, updating the account based on the transaction value, and transmitting an authorization notification from the account issuer to the account number clearing authority. Then, the systems and processes take care of receiving the authorization notification and transmitting an authorization status notification in response to the authorization notification received from the account number clearing authority to the merchant facility. Finally, at the merchant facility, the systems and processes take care of receiving the authorization status notification indicating whether the redemption voucher was cleared against the account by the account issuer, accepting the redemption voucher and ensuring that the merchant facility receives a payment from the account issuer based on the transaction.

System and process for issuing and managing forced redemption vouchers having alias account numbers
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6330544 (B1)
Application Date
March 5, 1999
Publication Date
December 11, 2001
Sanjay K Jindal
Jay S Walker
Dean P Alderucci
Walker Digital
G06F 17/60
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