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A power management circuit for battery systems composed of a switch defining a single charge/discharge path. The switch is selectively controlled using analog signals to couple a battery to a power source for charging, or to couple the battery to an active load. For charging, the switch is controlled by a controller circuit that monitors the battery voltage, the power source and the individual battery cells. The battery is only coupled to the power source if it is determined that the power source is present and that each of the battery cells is capable of receiving a charge. During discharge, the controller monitors the discharge current from the battery and compares this value to a threshold current. If the discharge current falls below the threshold, the switch is controlled to decouple the battery from the load. In this way, an overcharge condition is avoided if, for example, a power source is reapplied to the system. In a multiple battery system (where the battery and battery circuits are connected in parallel to a load and a power source), the use of the threshold current prevents a cross-conduction between batteries.

Power management circuit for battery systems
Application Number
Publication Number
6329796 (B1)
Application Date
July 25, 2000
Publication Date
December 11, 2001
Serban Mihai Popescu
San Jose
Hayes Soloway Hennessey Grossman & Hage P C
O2 Micro International
H01M 10/46
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