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What has been invented is a series of scientific applications of the wideface energy converter device, be it in the form of a wideface solar heat receiver or a wideface fluid impeder device. The wider is the solar heat receiver, the more solar power is available for conversion. The wider is the sail of the boat, the more wind is available to push the boat. Wherefore, the wideface solar trap made up of multi-layer transparent roofs covering a heat insulated box is used to heat up a radiator tubings that contain water. The multilayer transparent roof, having spaces in between sheets, prevents solar heat from backing out hence the trap becomes hoter and hoter because the inner sheet is not in contact with the cold wind. This solar trap is now used to heat up radiator pipes of compressed air coming from a gas turbine engine and then returned back to the exhaust turbine of same engine. Applying the principle of the wind sail, the turbine blades of the compressor and the turbine blades of the exhaust turbine are made wideface as much as possible to produce maximum impedance against the expanding exhaust hot air and to produce maximum push upon the fresh air being compressed. This wideface fluid impeder is now expanded into an underwater platform from One Acre or much more and attached to floating hotels, large/small boats, and floating sea walls, to prevent oscillation by the surfs.

Scavenger energy converter system its new applications and its control systems
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6327994 (B1)
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December 23, 1997
Publication Date
December 11, 2001
Gaudencio A Labrador
1312 Leaf Ter., San Diego
B63B 17/00
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