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This invention of materials and method is designed for assessment of phonetic reading ability and for teaching the phonetic reading code to children and adults of average intelligence and abilities who have responded poorly to traditional reading instructional methods or who choose not to be limited by methods of reading dependent on memorization of words. It can simultaneously repair a sufficient amount of the psychological damage that occurred because of the person's inability to read so that the person can succeed at learning the reading code. The features named allow it to be used as an assessment and skill building tool for psychotherapists and other health and education professionals which can greatly reduce or prevent emotional and psychological problems through the therapeutic elevation of self esteem and diminishing of negative emotions including fear, embarrassment and anger associated with reading problems. Parts of this invention, the written materials, can be used by parents for instruction of their children in development of phonetic reading skills.

Method and materials for teaching the phonetic code and repairing self esteem
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6322367 (B1)
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September 23, 1999
Publication Date
November 27, 2001
Tawanna Alyce Marshall
P.O. Box 1589, Temple Hills
G09B 17/00
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