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Several improvements are invented upon a known and well tested selfstarting vertical-axis wind turbine, for economically competitive power production by driving large grid-connected AC generators. It comprises:

variable blade pitch-angle from 0 to 60 degrees, following variable wind speed for maximum efficiency and to keep constant turbine speed,

variable blade camber limited to optimal lift-to-drag ratio, controled by pitch and cyclical variation of incidence-angle;

improved airfoil shape of cambered blades;

low cost automatic gear-train for two constant turbine speeds;

protection against overload and prevention of power surge during wind gusts;

low stress three-legged high tower assembled with nacelle and tail structure on ground level and erected by assembling segments of third leg one section at a time, and reducing costs of concrete footing, tower structure and, hoisting and assembling at ground level, enables a tower to be built to any height required to harness maximum wind energy.

Large vertical-axis variable-pitch wind turbine
Application Number
Publication Number
6320273 (B1)
Application Date
February 12, 2000
Publication Date
November 20, 2001
Otilio Nemec
Rude{haeck over }ka cesta 89, Zagreb 1000 Croatia
F03D 9/00
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