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A traffic information system for predicting travel times utilizes Internet based collecting and disseminating of information. The system accounts for vehicle type, driver specific disposition, and its predictions of future traffic account for the effects of predictable events, particularly weather, on traffic patterns. The traffic information system includes a computer model of a transportation route map, the route map having a multiplicity of possible destinations points connected by route segments. An equation is developed for each route segment, the equation incorporating variables and constants which relate to the fixed and variable parameters which are indicative of the time it will take to travel along a particular route segment. Predicted travel time along the route segment can be improved over historical data for a time in the future for which there are reasonably accurate weather predictions. Incorporation of the effect of predicted weather on travel time over a route segment can be accomplished by developing a correlation between weather conditions and decreased traffic speeds. Personalized prediction times are generated by taking into account the vehicle type and level of agressiveness of a particular driver.

Method of providing travel time
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6317686 (B1)
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July 21, 2000
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November 13, 2001
Bin Ran
5744 Wilshire Dr., Fitchburg
Lathrop & Clark
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