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A dynamic bandwidth allocation system is used to optimize the transmission of traffic on the twisted pair connecting the customer premises equipment with the local office. As demand for simultaneous traffic at the customer premises equipment increases, the requirement for multiple twisted pair lines is minimized by dynamically allocating the bandwidth of the channel and sharing that bandwidth with multiple, simultaneous services.

Additional efficiencies for simultaneous transmission of traffic can be achieved by directing all traffic to occupy a smaller channel. This might slightly affect the quality of some services but in many cases the impact will be minimal. Voice signals will be allowed to decrease to a predetermined level and facsimile or other data traffic will transmit at a slower transmission rate. At some predetermined level, traffic quality will degrade to a level such that service will be unacceptable. At this point, a prioritization scheme will buffer certain traffic at the intelligent services director (terminal block) or the facilities management platform (access module). New requests for services are denied until the required bandwidth is free. Once the required bandwidth becomes available, buffered traffic is allowed to transmit or receive will flow again and service availability will resume.

An alternative scheme employs allows all services to maintain their highest quality and ranks all traffic by a priority scheme. Once the allocated bandwidth is occupied, the priority scheme discontinues or buffers lower ranking traffic. Once bandwidth resources are released by the higher ranking traffic, the lower ranking traffic is allowed to proceed if the information was buffered. By optimizing the traffic on the twisted pair, requirements for the installation of multiple twisted pairs is minimized as services are added by the user.

Dynamic bandwidth allocation for use in the hybrid fiber twisted pair local loop network service architecture
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6307839 (B1)
Application Date
December 31, 1997
Publication Date
October 23, 2001
Philip Andrew Treventi
Murray Hill
Dennis Matthew Romain
Convent Station
Irwin Gerszberg
Kendall Park
H04J 3/16
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