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A method and Internet system is provided that attempts to improve response times by automatically selecting for use a server (e.g., mirror server or alternative server) located relatively close to a requesting host. Alternatively, the method and Internet system can automatically select for use a server (e.g., alternative server) that is relatively appropriate for the requesting host. More specifically, the Internet system can operate to select the closest server or the most appropriate server from a plurality of servers providing the same service (e.g., mirror servers) or slightly adapted variants of the same service (e.g., alternative servers) each assigned a common host name and a unique Internet Protocol address. The Internet system includes a database (e.g., Domain Name System (DNS) server) for storing the common host name and the plurality of unique Internet Protocol addresses. The Internet system also includes a requesting host for transmitting a translation request containing the common host name to the database. In response to the translation request, a system (e.g., requesting host, router, dedicated server, or DNS server) operates to select the unique Internet Protocol address assigned to either the closest server (e.g., mirror server or alternative server) which is located the nearest to the requesting host or the server that is the most appropriate for the requesting host (e.g., mirror server or alternative server).

Internet system and method for selecting a closest server from a plurality of alternative servers
Application Number
Publication Number
6304913 (B1)
Application Date
November 9, 1998
Publication Date
October 16, 2001
Johan Rune
Jenkens & Gilchrist A Professional Corporation
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson
G06F 15/173
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