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A data structure visualization tool visualizes a data structure such as a decision table classifier. A data file based on a data set of relational data is stored as a relational table, where each row represents an aggregate of all the records for each combination of values of the attributes used. Once loaded into memory, an inducer is used to construct a hierarchy of levels, called a decision table classifier, where each successive level in the hierarchy has two fewer attributes. Besides a column for each attribute, there is a column for the record count (or more generally, sum of record weights), and a column containing a vector of probabilities (each probability gives the proportion of records in each class). Finally, at the top-most level, a single row represents all the data. The decision table classifier is then passed to the visualization tool for display and the decision table classifier is visualized. By building a representative scene graph adaptively, the visualization application never loads the whole data set into memory. Interactive techniques, such as drill-down and drill-through are used view further levels of detail or to retrieve some subset of the original data. The decision table visualizer helps a user understand the importance of specific attribute values for classification.

Method, system, and computer program product for visualizing a data structure
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6301579 (B1)
Application Date
October 20, 1998
Publication Date
October 9, 2001
Barry G Becker
Mountain View
Sterne Kessler Goldstein & Fox P L L C
Silicon Graphics
G06F 17/30
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