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This disclosure relates to a camp shoe that is similar in most aspects to a typical shoe. However, to make it easy to pack and tote in a knapsack, for example, this shoe has construction features that permit it to be folded flat to conform with sole of the shoe and, therefore, be easily tucked in and toted in luggage where spare space is typically at a premium. The construction features include a rigid heel counter; a heel support flexibly attached to said heel counter; a pair of upper ankle supports flexibly attached to said heel support; and a pair of lower ankle supports flexibly attached to said upper ankle supports and said heel counter.

Camp shoe
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6298583 (B1)
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March 15, 2000
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October 9, 2001
Daniel M Allen
6148 Middleboro Rd., Blanchester
Neal O Willmann
A43B 3/24
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