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A keyboard for a notebook computer, personal computer, Personal Data Assistance computer or a game having two keyboard sections. In one embodiment the sections are fixedly mounted on the underside of the chassis of the device and the keys are arranged with half the keys on one section and half the keys are on the other section and positioned such that each key is in a natural position corresponding to the position of the keys when one is typing on a conventional keyboard. In another embodiment, each section is hingeably attached to an edge of the keyboard and the keyboard may be used in one position where the sections extend from the keyboard and face the user an another position where the sections are folded against the backside of the chassis of the device.

Backside keyboard for a notebook or gamebox
Application Number
Publication Number
6297752 (B1)
Application Date
December 22, 1997
Publication Date
October 2, 2001
Xuan Ni
5986 Pilgrim Ave., San Jose
Robert S Smith
H03K 17/94
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