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A method for an anaerobic digester system is provided that employs a cumulative data base to better monitor and control the anaerobic process, as compared with conventional anaerobic digester systems. The method includes the storing and ensiling of a feedstock, preferably a biomass, to form a digester feed material, which then processed by a digester. The process evolves a biogas and forms a digested material. The process is monitored, to collect a plurality of digester data from all stages of the process. These individual points or elements of the data are telemetered to a cumulative data base for storage and eventual retrieval and the cumulative data base is mined to compile predictive, feed forward controls and construct feedstock correlations between the metabolic activity within the digesters and an analysis of the feedstocks into the digesters. The method further includes the production of a high quality plant growth media from the digested mash, and recovery of the biogas generated within the digester. The biogas is collected with the aid of a biogas recovery system. The biogas is predominantly methane, and the anaerobic digester system is preferably operated to maximize the quantity and quality of methane generated.

Anaerobic digester system
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6296766 (B1)
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November 12, 1999
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October 2, 2001
Leon Breckenridge
16213 E. 22nd, Veradale
Stratton Ballew PLLC
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