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A continuous protective garment provides a matrix of cells each containing a cube-like protective element. Continuous layers of fabric bonded along intersecting lines provides an individual cell for each of plural protective elements sandwiched between the fabric layers. An outer rigid protective surface of each protective element absorbs externally applied forces, while a middle cushioning layer provides dispersion and buffering of such externally applied forces. An innermost layer of a fluid-resistant material helps prevent perspiration from being absorbed, while a ventilation hole through the center of each protective element provides air circulation without compromising protective qualities. A substantially continuous array of cells containing the protective elements provides comprehensive surface coverage over the torso and arms of the wearer.

Protective sports garment
Application Number
Publication Number
6295654 (B1)
Application Date
March 15, 2000
Publication Date
October 2, 2001
Daniel P Farrell
71 Messenger St., Apt. 908, Plainville
Weingarten Schurgin Gagnebin & Hayes
A41D 13/00
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