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An apparatus and method for performing a myringotomy in a child's ear without the need for anaesthesia. A charge coupled device or television camera is aimed within a micromanipulator housing at a child's ear drum. The housing is retained to the ear, either with a fastener such as an adhesive or in a helmet, so that the housing moves with the movement of the child's head. A video image of the ear drum surface is displayed on a screen from signals transmitted from the camera device. A physician marks on the screen with an electronic pen pointer where the laser beam should be aimed at the ear drum surface. A microprocessor responds to this marking to determine the appropriate coordinates and instructs mirror control motors to rotate a scanning mirror in the path of the laser beam. The laser may be fired and its beam is directed by the scanning mirror to strike a desired location by passing through the housing attached to the child's ear without being affected by any sudden movement of the child's head.

Apparatus and method as preparation for performing a myringotomy in a child's ear without the need for anaesthesia
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6293940 (B1)
Application Date
November 25, 1997
Publication Date
September 25, 2001
Michael Slatkine
4009 Brookside Ave, Fairlawn
A61B 18/18
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